I'm a Queens-based filmmaker, primarily working for VICE Media these days, editing television.

A couple years ago I had the unique and wonderful opportunity to work as the caretaker at New York City's oldest house - The Wyckoff House Museum, located in the Flatlands of Brooklyn. While living there, I was inspired to make a period short depicting Dutch settlers of the 17th Century at odds with the native Canarsee indigenous people of the area. The resulting film, entitled Wilden, screened at a bunch of local festivals. 

I grew up near Hartford, Conn and moved to New York City when I was 18 to study film at NYU. Senior year I formed a band with some friends and eventually it turned into a real thing. We gave ourselves the questionable name Oxford Collapse and put out a bunch of records and toured the world. It was a blast! When that got tired I returned to my original love – film.